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Route to Landline, Mobile and VoIP Destinations

All of our Numbers can be Routed to Landline or Mobile Destinations anywhere in the World, or be used as an Inbound VoIP Number or as a Fax to Email Number.

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Local Area Codes for every Town in the UK
Local Area Code Numbers (also known as Geographic Numbers and STD Codes) all begin with the digits 01 or 02 and relate to a City, Town or Area in the UK. For instance, 020 is the Local Area Code for London and 0121 is the Local Area Code for Birmingham.

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Non Geographic Numbers
The Non Geographic Numbers we supply include; 0870 National Rate, 0845 Local Rate, 0871 Fixed Rate, 0844 Fixed Rate and 0800/0808 Freephone Numbers.


Memorable Numbers
Memorable Numbers (also known as 'Gold Numbers' or 'Special Numbers') are Telephone Numbers that are easily remembered and recognised by people. We have a selection of Memorable Numbers in all of our Number Ranges.

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070 Personal Numbers
Personal Numbers (also known as Follow Me Numbers) are generally used by Individuals to Route Calls to a UK Mobile or International Landline or Mobile destination. Many people use them as a Temporary Number.

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Number Ranges

0845 xxx xxxx  Local Rate
0800 /0808 xxx xxxx Freephone
0870 xxx xxxx
0871 xxx xxxx
0844 xxx xxxx
070x xxx xxxx
03xx xxx xxxx
Iinternational Access Numbers
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Domain Names
Domain hosting


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